Bunion Treatment Perth

Do you have painful Bunions?
If you answer Yes – you should seek medical assistance.Now available is bunion treatment in Perth – read more..


There are 2 main components that can contribute to the deformity of a bunion. 1. The first toe bone begins to move out, widening the center of the foot. 2.Often there is a displacement of the big toe back in the opposite direction, towards the smaller toes, creating an angled toe.


Bunions are a very common deformity in the foot. Bunions are regularly experienced by individuals with a family history and women that wear high heels. Bunions can affect people of all ages, including children. Bunions are most commonly seen in the middle aged and older generations.

Causes and contributing factors:

    • Foot posture and biomechanics; rolling in can produce excessive loads on the 1st toe joint
    • Family history
    • Weak muscle strength or ligaments in the leg and foot.
    • Incorrect footwear: Narrow toe area, tight or high-heeled shoes
    • Trauma to the area


    • Inflammation, pain, redness or stiffness around the big toe may be seen
    • Overlapping of the second toe causing a deformity of the other digits


Treatment of bunion is often decided upon by the severity of pain and deformity:

  • Footwear with increased width and depth to provide extra support
  • Orthoses to support the joint and provide the correct foot positioning to slow down the development of the bunion.
  • Padding to the problem area
  • Regular management of corns and calluses
  • Surgery of the bunion foot